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Let No One Steal Your Goldmine

In email marketing, your list is your most valuable virtual assets. Ensure that you are effectively doing whatever is necessary to Solomon Island Email List capture your visitor details. As your daily work to build traffic begin to bring results and your website benefits from the arrival of more and more visitor, do not let them off easily without leaving behind their name and email address.

You need to offer something of value in return for their details-this may be an e-book, article, e-course, or video download. It is all right, if even your offer is something provided by someone else. The important thing is that you own the rights to the property and there is something of interest and value to your audience.

Your visitors will rarely do business with you on their first visit, and if they do, it is often an impulse buy. Some impulse buy will result in seeking refund later. Your best visitors are your targeted prospects who have earlier SEO EBL opt-in to your lists. They are the ones who have come to know and respect you for your knowledge and recommendation in your product and service. They have come to trust your judgement and trust you. Your best visitors are the ones who look forward to receiving your emails, newsletter, videos, and are also eager to forward it to their friends and colleagues in order that they would enjoy reading it too.

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