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Email Marketing Strategy – How Do You Build Relationships?

This is the name of the marketing game today. We all know that customers are more likely to buy from suppliers with whom Cambodia Email Address they have a relationship. But how do you build and maintain this relationship? You think about things from the customer’s point of view. For example, I recently bought a pair of cross-country skis. Shortly after buying it, I realized I wasn’t sure whether to wax or not. However, the dealer expected this question and automatically sent me an email containing instructions for cross-country masks, among others. It feels like reading my mind!

That particular email has been of great use to me. There are links to videos with expert advice on cross-country skiing techniques. There is a SEO EBL to a snow report so I know where the best cross country ski conditions are. There was a link to the vendor’s technical service in case I was ready to set it up. There is a link to a clothing store so I can prepare for my next trip. The email answers questions and provides information I didn’t even know I needed – until I read it all.

I got this email about three weeks after buying my skis. This gave me enough time to try out my new toy, which also gave me enough time to realize that I wasn’t sure about some of the finer details of my skis and had to ask someone a few questions, which they were brilliantly looking forward to. . Your product or service may warrant a different schedule, but the point is to think strategically.

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