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Email Marketing – The Freebie Marketer’s Trap and How to Avoid It

Do you have an email marketing list that gets a lot of information from you, but if you recommend something like an affiliate Iraq Email List product, they still won’t buy from you? Others claim to make hundreds or even thousands from every email they send, and this is where you try to make a sale with your email campaign! This is what happens when you send lots of free information and free gifts to your subscribers. They are used to getting free items that will not move when you ship an item for purchase. After all, they are getting great free information and gifts from you.

The key to email marketing SEO EBL is finding a balance. Shake your email. Receive content emails one day followed by promotional emails the next. You don’t want to send 3 free gifts for a week without a promotion in it. They “train” your list in this way to expect free stuff from you.

The “deferred marketing” approach works well for filling your customers with solid content and valuable free gifts, and still allows you to make a lot of money with additional promotions. It’s time because you posted an ad too. You tell them, “Hey, if you want good information, you have to pay for it. This isn’t charity.”

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