The Green Choice For Your Business

The move towards sustainable media channels is gaining momentum. Consumers and businesses are trying to make green choices Mayotte Email List and email marketing is gaining immense popularity. Businesses engage in this form of marketing because it works and the numbers speak volumes for the success of this sustainable marketing method. Estimates reveal that this form of marketing generated $43.62 for ever dollar spent by businesses in 2009 and the number is only set to increase in 2010.

Did you know that it takes over 10 trees to make 10,000 booklets? Imagine the number of trees which would be saved if businesses chose alternatives to printed brochures. Email marketing is not just an affordable option (you can save money on paper, printing and postage) but it is a green choice also. You can provide SEO EBL valuable information to keep your clients interested while you save the environment by cutting down usage of paper and fossil fuels. In a day and age when direct mail is nothing more than unwanted clutter and millions of people using the Internet for information, e-newsletters have turned out to be the quickest and easiest means to market businesses. It is also a measurable option (it helps you track who opens your emails and links they click on) and can help you gain feedback from your visitors.

Conservation of natural resources is extremely important and you can play your part by choosing environmentally friendly solutions for all your business needs, especially advertising and marketing. With your choice of paperless marketing solutions in the form of email marketing, you can ensure that you reduce your carbon output and curb the amount of environmentally hazardous materials which are used in the printing industry.

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