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Email Marketing – Valuable, But There Are Other Options

I recently reviewed the characteristics of growing a traditional business and compared them to an online business, but Bermuda Email List left the question of email marketing aside. Email marketing is just as easy to use in a traditional business as it is in an internet based business. However, there are other options too. First, we must adhere to the fact that the internet is a new step for us in developing a company to participate in. And that’s changing. It’s changing fast.

Take a look at the progress in email use over the past eight years. Once when it came to promoting a product we wanted to sell, our approach SEO EBL to email was straightforward. We just said the product was great and emailed as many people as possible. Don’t just hate it! Man, I definitely did. To me, there’s nothing worse than opening your email in the morning and having to walk through a pile of trash you’ve never asked about and don’t want to deal with.

It wasn’t long before marketers got really involved realizing that this approach had a very limited lifespan, and then what happened was YouTube. YouTube changed everything. It started as a way for people to easily share videos with each other via a frequently connected communication system (i.e. the Internet). However, marketers realized that it had just opened up a whole new world. YouTube features a simple but very powerful, advanced button. At the time, the technology itself was far from new, but the combination of valuable information and the ability to easily and quickly share it with many others started a revolution. Viral Marketing is born in a great and fun way.

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