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Email Marketing – Why You Need A Unique IP Address For Effective Email Marketing

You’ll come across email marketing experts who recommend that you use a unique IP address for your reply-to address in the Latvia Email Address emails you send out. Why is a unique IP address important and how does it affect your email marketing?

It’s a well-known fact that spam filters are getting stronger these days. And they are starting to target website addresses which SEO EBL use shared hosting. Shared hosting comes with its risks. For one, you are sharing the host with many other webmasters. If a webmaster becomes labeled as a spammer, everyone in the group is affected and will have their deliver ability levels drop.

The way to go around this is to use a unique IP address. This means the address will belong to you alone and only you are responsible for your email marketing actions. Of course, the downside of this is if you get labeled as a spammer, then there’s no protection, of sorts. But the plus side of having a unique IP address outweighs not having one.

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