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Solo Advertising To Millions

The expert opens up an overview of what cannot be missed when promoting a brand, product or service, resulting in a connection with the consumerGEPP , the Mexican beverage company, signed an exclusive agreement with Zignia, the group that runs Armenia Email List the Arena Ciudad de México, to market some of its beverage portfolio products at the facilities.Thus, the attending public will be able to choose between brands such as: Pepsi, Gatorade, Lipton, 7up, Squirt, among others. But how should a strategist publicize an alliance of this type or a brand? According to Ricardo Homs, marketing director for GEPP , traditional strategies have been left behind, the consumer demands more and more elements that motivate them to create a link with the brand, including:Before, advertising was one way, but it has evolved, the consumer likes it to generate engagement, activations are a type of tools that allow you to have that contact and know what they want.

The consumer must have variety for each type of moment they live, we know that these differences create the need for different products. In the morning they require a very different product than in a social event or when doing sports.Ricardo Homs, Marketing Director for GEPP and Alejandro Arce Saldivar, Director of Zignia Live One of the best strategies is experience marketing, which allows consumers to have direct contact with the product.The digital part is a new means of reach that is increasingly important.We must design solutions, each brand with innovation so that the client does not have to be anchored to a product, but can vary.Do not stop innovating, do not take consumers for granted.He explained that it is important to publicize that the brand is socially responsible, especially that it contributes to Mexico , since it is interesting to bet on social marketing.

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Analysis of consumer behavior in the last 18 months In the Mexican nation there are estimates that warn spending by Mexican consumers of one thousand SEO EBL 25 billion dollars during this 2017, according to projections from Planet Retail.With these elements, the expert opens a panorama about what cannot be missing when promoting a brand, product or service, which results in a connection with the customer, a practice that is currently increasingly complicated, since the competition to find a leading position in the market, it is increasingly competitive.

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