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One in three of the managers acknowledged that they would invest up to half of their budgets in experiential marketing, the next three to five years.The use of the internet is almost inevitable nowadays, which is why social networks are belgium consulate mumbai email address so influential. The number of users on the social network could reach 2.5 billion worldwide by 2017, according to e Marketer estimates .That is why brands seek interaction with consumers through platforms. They are dedicated to joining trends and betting on content to attract more followers.However, brands like Corona , do not join the trends, but create their own. And it is that being the most valuable brand in Mexico is not an easy task, it requires a constant search for the best strategies, and the brand seems to have found an excellent option in experience marketing.

They recently started an experience at Casa Corona that mixes virtual reality and constant contact with the products, in a close environment and with a goal that is finally fulfilled when leaving it.For Rodolfo Vargas , Corona Mexico’s Experience Manager, it is an opportunity to continue surprising consumers, a role that they have to play as industry leaders.Rodolfo Vargas, Corona México Experience Manager.“We offer never-before-seen experiences or experiences that are in fashion in other parts of the world and that we bring to Mexico because we must also have them. In this case we concentrate on virtual reality, art and technology in one, all united by the message that they go out and connect with nature, it is a way of transmitting a message in a non-traditional way ”, he explained.

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The experience tells a story about a hummingbird and its relationship with nature, which makes it clear that in cities like the Mexican capital, people forget that there is a world behind La Oficina and daily activities.After living it, thousands SEO EBL of consumers share their points of view on social networks, and the brand interprets the share as an extension of the human being so that others know their experiences, since the impact is outstanding.In accordance with this marketing strategy, the manager shared some key points in the implementation of this type of experience marketing:

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