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This celebration has been consolidated over the years, it has served companies to launch promotions, generate links with consumers or promote coexistence With the passage of time, Father’s Day has ceased to go unnoticed in Mexico to consolidate little Haiti Email List by little in the calendar of celebrations of the country, celebrated on the third Sunday of June, companies increasingly take advantage of this day to launch promotions, generate links with consumers or promote coexistence.Likewise, it contributes to the strengthening of family ties while boosting consumption, which allows reviving the dynamics of the internal economy in the sixth month of the year.Data from the Small Chamber of Commerce, Services and Tourism in Mexico City (Canacope) indicate that the economic benefit for the celebration will be 630 million 360 thousand pesos, 3 percent more than last year, in the capital of the country.This case of seasonal marketing is used by 70 percent of the businesses and service providers in the CDMX, since they will be able to boost their sales by up to 24 percent.

The Canacope pointed out that 23 percent of businesses expect normal sales or without variations and only 8 percent qualify the date for their business as negative.Likewise, money orders related to food and beverage sales could present an increase in diners and individuals by 40 percent during Friday and Saturday, while on Sunday an increase of close to 90 percent is estimated, due in part to the soccer game. between Mexico and Portugal, corresponding to the group stage of the Confederations Cup of Russia that will take place at nine in the morning.The agency indicated that according to an opinion poll the average budget for the gift to dad will be 600 pesos; Among the main gifts to be given are music discs, series and movies on DVD and perfumes, according to the survey.

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Studies by De la Riva Group indicate that the most popular celebrations in Mexico are Mother’s Day, Love and Friendship Day, Three Kings Day SEO EBL and Christmas; Father’s Day begins to gain strength in the country, proof of this are the promotions that are increasing on this day.The foregoing has caused both the Federal Police and the Federal Consumer Prosecutor’s Office to remain alert during the celebration.It is important to note that the celebration of Father’s Day has the least presence of informal commerce, 19 percent compared to other commercial seasons where it has a market presence of around 30 percent.This celebration is an example of how a specific date was identified and used to give it commercial value in addition to establishing proximity between services and consumers. For services, the fact that Father’s Day is always commemorated on Sunday makes it easier to carry out promotions, which favors the user when choosing an option.

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