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Sports vice president Jordi Mestre, acknowledged that Messi has not yet signed the extension of his relationship with the club, although he pointed out that everything looks good
This Thursday took place the official presentation Bosnia and Herzegovina Email List of the Brazilian midfielder José Paulo Bezerra , “ Paulinho ”, as a new Barcelona player; However, the main theme of the event did not focus on the virtues, characteristics and functions that the South American soccer player will have.During the conference, Jordi Mestre, sports vice president of the Catalan club, was asked about the continuity of Argentine star Leo Messi, to which the manager acknowledged that the forward has not yet signed a contract renewal that would link him with the team until 2021.Mestre indicated that the subject of the signature has been agreed and that they are only waiting to set a date for signing; “Everything looks very good. I would be very surprised if the signing did not take place in the end ”, he stated.

The comments issued by the manager were cautious in the face of this event, since a week before Neymar’s transfer to PSG , he guaranteed 200 percent that the Brazilian forward would stay in the Barça team.For Barcelona, ​​Neymar’s departure meant the end of one of the best strikers in history, something that not only impacted on the sports field but also on the team’s image, which was disqualified by followers and analysts as they were unable to retain to one of the key pieces in terms of team marketing.In 2008 Ronaldinho left through the back door of the club due to a misunderstanding between the board and the player, who at that time was the best on the planet; Various reports pointed out that Barcelona let the Brazilian go since among their ranks was Messi, who year after year competes with Cristiano Ronaldo for being the best footballer.

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Likewise, for a few years to date, in each summer transfer period there is talk of the possible departure of the Argentine crack, various SEO EBL sports journalists point out that the 10 of Barcelona and Argentina are dissatisfied with the management of the managers due to their bad deals, and the fact is that the mandates of Joan Laporta, Sandro Rosell and Josep Maria Bartomeu, despite coinciding with a time full of successes, has also been framed by poor decisions in the purchase and sale of players, lack of transparency in the administration of resources, among other points.For one of the best clubs in the world, to run out of its maximum reference would be a blow in sports, economics, and marketing; According to Forbes, the brand value of the team has been continuously rising, in 2011 it had a value of 975 million dollars, while for this year it reaches a value of 3.64 billion dollars.

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