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Despite the fact that streaming is gaining ground in this sector, Mexico is the fourth country with the highest attendance worldwide at movie theaters.Technological innovations modified the consumption habits of people in Mexico , therefore, changed the relationship between brands and customers, the way they interact, as well as the variety of products and services offered.In the field of entertainment, one of the most important transformations was experienced, in ancient times the film industry competed with the rental and purchase formats of Bermuda Email Addresses films, which, although there were fewer users, did not represent a threat because they were products that they had already passed through the exhibitors; Some time later, the restricted television systems introduced the home theater mode, for an additional payment to the subscribed package, you could choose a film from the offer catalog.The arrival of Netflix supposed a transformation of the consumption of movies and series, since the user had in a click the option to change the product, in addition to that the subscription price does not represent a blow to the pocket, since the account can be shared .According to data from Statistic, the growth of the video on demand platform has been exponential, in 2011 it registered profits of 1.93 million dollars in the country, while a year later it reported 9.93 million; for 2016 the sum in this indicator amounted to 117.85 million dollars.

Regarding the current year, earnings of 157.97 million dollars are projected in the Mexican territory, while for 2020 Netflix has an estimated earnings in Mexico of 295.25 million dollars.This increase in profits goes hand in hand with the increase in subscribers, in December 2011, Netflix had just 65 thousand clients in Mexico, a year later the figure grew to 227 thousand users, while for 2020 the projection is of more than 10 million consumers.The appearance of this new player in the entertainment service led other bidders to enter this segment, Slim, Claro Video, Minneapolis Clio, recently HBO Go, and even the Chivas soccer team launched its platform for the transmission of its home matches (Chivas TV).Data for the second quarter of the year, released by The Competitive Intelligence Unit (The CIU), revealed that Netflix covers 63.6 percent of consumers in this segment, followed by Carlo Video with 24.9, third place is occupied by Slim with 6.9 percent of users.As can be seen, the streaming market has a growing presence in the country; One factor that sharpened competition with exhibitors and production houses was the creation of original content by these types of firms, which have been widely accepted by consumers.

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Despite this revolution in supply and consumption, movie theaters in Mexico keep their numbers on the rise, data from the National Chamber of the Cinematographic Industry (Anacin) demonstrate this.According to information from SEO EBL the same chamber, during the first six months of 2017, the number of attendees at the complexes increased by 9 million spectators compared to the same period last year.According to the report, box office revenues amounted to 15,254 million pesos during the past year, this is due in part to the decrease in the price of the ticket, which fell 0.8 percent compared to the average price per ticket of 2015. Likewise, the average annual attendance in Mexico was 2.7 times per inhabitant.Thanks to this competition for the liking of the spectators, individuals enjoy a range of products that continuously improve, since the experience became a key factor in this battle, on the one hand, providing the greatest amount of content of a good level without leaving From home.

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