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Guaranteed Show: 14 Incredible 3D Projections That You Should Know

New advances in 3D technology have allowed companies and brands to experiment and innovate with new experiences through which to generate great expectation and impact.The mapping or 3D projection mapping is more than just a fad. The projections of 3D animations on all kinds of buildings and large architectural works have become a trend among the marketing departments of large brands that seek an innovative, alternative and different way to generate new emotions among consumers.

On this occasion, we present you a selection with new and impressive 3D projections that you should know. An example of how the fusion of technology and marketing come together to turn each experience into a show.

Mobile marketing, mobile and social media will have a big impact during Christmas shopping

Many brands have not updated their email strategies and that is hurting their results. In this Greece Phone Number List regard, a new report from Lyris sheds light on some fundamental new trends in email.Tina Stewart, Lyris Senior Vice President of Marketing, notes that what is most surprising is the rapid rise of social games as a marketing tool. Brands are discovering that they can build loyalty and brand promotion through games, but more than them, it is mobile devices themselves that will become the real stars for years to come.

“Based on the report, we are expecting to see an even greater need to incorporate mobile and social media with email marketing,” Stewart said. “The number of Smartphones in the hands of consumers and the number of social media users is only going to increase. We also expect that location-based marketing will drive much of the email marketing. “”Location-based email marketing campaigns that offer incentives to customers will be able to connect them with brands in real time.”

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For this very year 2011, and especially during the Christmas shopping period, Stewart believes that social channels will have a great impact. Learning to integrate email with Social Media, including social sharing tools within messages, will build loyalty outside of a mailing list, with all that this implies for a brand.“This holiday season will bring a new wave of what we can call ‘surround sound’ marketing. When email is combined with social media, there is a lot of amplification of word of mouth, and I think we are going to see this at its best as we approach the holidays, ”added Stewart.

And finally, the so-called “social inbox”, known as the integration of social exchange tools within e-mail messages, will be a constant patent in the vast majority of messages and communications.“In terms of ROI, vendors (and tools) are getting smarter when measuring ROI, especially when it comes to social development. I think retailers, who always get it right, will see a significant increase in integration between social and email. “

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