How Big Tech Is Charging Your User Experience

If consumers use the services of many of the tech giants, it is because in the end they are too comfortable not to. Time and again privacy scandals have failed to drive consumers to abandon these companies en masse.In fact, you just have to think how when it was announced that Facebook was going to be left, the same was not done with Instagram or WhatsApp, which are from the same company. Their day-to-day role is so central and they function to simplify so many things that consumers have a certain idea that it is not worth doing so.

Amazon has starred in article after article about the working conditions of its employees and, despite this, it has not had a massive scare of buyers. It’s too convenient and fast for consumers to end up looking the other way.But what if the user experience suffers, if those services so comfortable and so easy to use become slower and more annoying? Will consumers then stop using them without considering much more?

These services have taken great South Africa Phone Number List care of your user experience. Google does not include ads on its home page because it improves the browsing experience. That minimalism makes them faster and more useful. And Amazon has been for years the recurring example that was set in the analysis of how to make the shopping experience outstanding. Finding products was easy and troubleshooting too.

Experience has been the linchpin of its success, but these companies could be mortgaging it to cash in on advertising. Ads are everywhere and they get heavier and heavier, taking up more and more space. Too much advertising could tire consumers and damage the experience.The case of Google is perfect to understand. You still have no ads and distractions on your home page, but Google has actually been filled with ads . On the results pages, you have to scroll more and more to find organic data. The first thing you see are ads and more and more of them.

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Google is not alone. At Bloomberg they already talk about “ad creep” and conclude that the user experience of many of the tech giants and their main products is deteriorating. The blame is on the ads, which have been integrated into each and every one of their tools and are doing it to the max.They are so large and with such large audiences that they have become attractive exhibitors for brands. Advertisers want to be there and they pay for it. The tech giants are unable to resist the potential of that source of income. On Amazon, as on Google, you have to work harder and harder to reach organic search results. The first positions are advertising.

User experience drops and the big question is whether consumers are willing to accept it. The ads are also taking over the Instagram feed or the featured posts in the Apple App Store. It is becoming more and more difficult to navigate through the services of the network without coming across payment elements and that generates fatigue.

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