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How Important is Email Marketing

Many people go into an internet business with the belief that all they have to do is have a good product and an Greenland Email List attractive website offering their product and they’re going to be successful. It isn’t until their product is not selling that they realize something needs to be done to promote it to the public.

Email marketing is one method of generating traffic to your site that works very well. In fact, it’s probably the most SEO EBL effective method of getting people to your site. The more people you can get to your site to see your product and talk about it, the better your chances for making sales. When potential customers find their way to your site, only half your work is done. It’s up to you to keep them not only interested but coming back as well. Once they’ve signed up for your website, they’re stating an interest.

The first thing you need to do is respond back thanking them for responding and showing an interest in your product and asking them to send a conformation email stating that they do want to be on your email list. Once you’ve got them on your email list, it’s up to you to keep them interested. Contact them regularly with little incentive offer or free bonus items and just to “keep in touch”. Don’t badger them, however, with emails every day or you’ll quickly find yourself thought of as spam and deleted from their server.

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