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Iberia Launches Its First Online Affiliate Program Exclusively

Iberia and Doubleheader, an international digital marketing agency, have exclusively launched the first online affiliate program in Spain.This will allow Iberia to increase its presence in digital media through the results-based marketing formula and will contribute to increasing its sales volume and billing. The web pages that join this new program will be able to distribute the products of the leading airline in our country through an automated system and follow their results in real time.

Javier Perez Ríos, Deputy Director of Iberia.com comments, We have chosen Doubleheader to open our first affiliate program in Spain because of their experience and guarantee. Our goals are ambitious and we hope that the membership launch will contribute to our growth in a tangible way.

For Ignacio Vanillas de Haves, Sales Azerbaijan Mobile Phone Numbers Director of Doubleheader in Spain, We are very proud to have Iberia as a client and to become its partners as a crucial piece of its online strategy. This new affiliate program will provide more sales opportunities for our affiliated media and reaffirms our leadership in the Spanish market, where we already work with leading advertisers in each sector. Working with leaders is always an exciting challenge and we count on our wide coverage of media to make the program a success ”

Marketing and Advertising Trends That Will Make a Difference in the Coming Years

Currently the marketing market is being conquered by the advances and innovations of a new generation, much more technological, where the internet and Social Media monopolize a large part of the prominence and interest of consumers.However, within the marketing and advertising sector, the diversity of channels, supports and applications available undoubtedly offer all kinds of possibilities and alternatives for brands and advertisers themselves.

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Changes in habits and new trends are really important factors for companies when making decisions, planning strategies and taking into account what type of channels or means to operate to reach consumers. In this sense, there are trends and strategies that will undoubtedly make a difference in the coming years.In a short time, the media and social networks have gone from being true unknown to being the most popular online media channels. Especially taking into account its vertiginous growth and the benefits and advantages it can bring to brands and advertisers.

Their proliferation and the trust won by users and consumers, added to the critical mass of the audience reached, position them as one of the most interesting means of targeting segmented advertising.

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