Internet Marketing Why Building Relationships Is So Important

Although recently Ikea was at the center of controversy about unsafe furniture for children, the brand has tried to leave everything behind by implementing various strategies such as customer service, with its new line of “hackable” furniture , in Cabo Verde Email List response to what consumers demanded of him.He also got into Green marketing, as he partnered with an architectural firm called Space10, to create The Growroom, the indoor garden that anyone can build.Now, it will take advantage of the enormous popularity of Game of Thrones , which since the publication of the first book in the series “A Song of Ice and Fire”, already has four published installments and two scheduled for the next few years; It is the most “pirated” series and the most popular of the moment, monopolizing the trends in social networks every weekend that a chapter is released.

After Michele Clapton , costume designer for the show’s first five seasons, revealed that many of the capes featured in the series are SEO EBL actually Ikea rugs worn and decorated with leather straps, the brand has taken advantage of the free publicity.We cut them, we shaved them, we added leather straps and we wore them out, which is like a religion in Game of Thrones.The company has revealed on its social networks the process so that any follower of the series can make their own Jon Snow- style cape , obviously as long as they are their products.It is enough with a pair of scissors and the humor of the company to place vinter in the publication.

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