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Introducing an infographic created by Gryffin, showing some numbers on the most popular online video platforms.The online video is now one of 玻利维亚电话号码列表 the most important resources within the dynamics of digital communication, thanks to the value that users give to such content as effective tools of information and entertainment, which facilitate the transmission of all types of messages.Online video as an effective marketing tool 10 facts that should not be lost sight of about online video The 10 most used online video platforms in 2013In this way, a recent study carried out by Cisco affirms that by 2017 online videos will represent 67 percent of world web traffic, while for Latin America the figure rises to 72 percent.

Given the boom in online video and the importance that it will continue to gain in the following years, many brands already allocate a considerable part of their marketing efforts to platforms such as YouTube, Vimeo, Vine or Instagram Video, with which to have a clear vision of the state of these spaces is essential to design strategies that manage to take advantage of the multimedia consumption habits of Internet users.Along these lines we present an infographic created by Gryffin , which shows some numbers on the most popular online video platforms themselves that serve as a guide to optimize social video marketing strategies:

More than one technology company could join the system and launch their smartwatch models. It is rumored that the first to participate will 搜索引擎优化 be Motorola – according to TheVerge, the watch that appears in the video is from that company.Apple will have to adjust its strategy if it wants to participate in this segment, it is not the first time that they are the last to reach the market. The Cupertino company knows well how to reinvent a category, the difference this time is the players involved. When launching the iPod the strongest competitor was Creative Labs, in smartphones it was Palm, now it is Google and Samsung, two care companies.

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