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Interactive Shopping: 10 Examples Of Smart Shop Windows

Blade Runner or Minority Report were some of the films that showed us a spectacular vision of the future where advertising and technology were present in all corners of our environment.Nowadays, the evolution of technology has allowed advertising, strategies and methods to capture the attention of consumers to materialize in the form of innovative creative, multimedia and visual proposals thanks to the so-called ‘smart windows’ capable of interacting with the actions of consumers.

During the last few years, many Netherlands Phone Number List companies, businesses and chain stores have experimented and opted for that novel ingredient that, associated with technology, serves to generate new experiences and emotions among consumers at the same time as becoming a useful consultation and information tool.That is why this time we bring you 10 examples of smart shop windows that will not leave you indifferent.

10 amazing 3D projections that you should not miss

The new advances around 3D technology have allowed companies and brands to experiment and innovate with new experiences through which to generate great expectation and impact.The new fashion of mapping, projections of 3D animations on all kinds of buildings and large architectural works, has become a trend among the large marketing departments of different brands that are looking for an innovative, alternative and different way to generate new emotions among consumers.

In addition, the potential and attractiveness of this type of projection is not only maintained during the authentic experience of the live and direct projection, but its impact is capable of continuing to generate and arouse great interest with a continuous viral effect through others. digital media thanks to online videos.

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On this occasion, we collect from Washable, 10 commercial projections in 3D that you should not miss. 10 Authentic examples where technology and marketing come together to turn every experience into a show.

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