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Internet Marketing, List Building and Email Marketing – Is This For Small Businesses?

Before answering whether Internet Marketing is for small business, it is useful to begin with the definition of marketing. This is actually quite a simple thing. Let’s first assume that we have a problem or a question. This could be Serbia Consumer Email List anything but would normally be something that looks for a specific answer. Some examples might include, “how can I lose weight?”, or “where can I learn internet marketing?”. The next thing to assume is that a solution to the problem exists somewhere. This could be in many forms, for example an eBook or a video course or maybe a physical product such as an electronic razor. The point is however that there is a solution to the problem. Marketing simply provides the link between those asking the question and those providing the solution. The marketer provides this communication to help those asking the question to find those providing the answer.

Internet marketing is marketing using the internet only. This is extremely powerful as a form of online advertising as millions of people use the internet every day to try to find solutions to their questions. Two great SEO EBL examples where questions are found are Yahoo Answers, where users ask questions and the answers are provided by other users, and the Google search engine. The role of the internet marketer is to provide the direction to solutions to these questions. In general marketers use a range of techniques. This may include at the simplest level creating a website to review a product, or using websites and blogs to market many products. In this article one strategy is considered; the strategy known as list building / email marketing.

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List building is where the contact details of a potential customer are collected via a lead capture page. The lead capture page is a web page with some free information relating to the product given in exchange for the prospects details. The internet marketer is skilled in driving new traffic to the lead capture page to obtain the details of as many potential customers as possible. The prospect is then sent a series of emails (Email Marketing) providing them with useful information about the product and multiple opportunities to purchase it. Further products may also be added to the so-called “sales funnel”. The secrets to the success of this method are firstly the continual generating new leads. Secondly the sales funnel must provide excellent value to the lead.

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