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Keys to Establishing an Effective Online Marketing Campaign

The proliferation of Internet use at home, the increasing importance of social networks –one Facebook has 250 million active users worldwide-, the increasing access to audiovisual content through the Internet, and so on. , are changing the consumption and entertainment habits of the Spanish. Companies, on the other hand, are trying to adapt to these changes and are showing a greater interest in the online world as a way to reach their customers. According to the latest studies, more than a third of the marketing budget of European companies will go to online marketing actions.

“Despite all the indicators Costa Rica Phone Numbers List that indicate the importance of online marketing, however, this is a market that has not yet reached maturity,” says Miguel Ángel Gago, Marketing Director of ActionsDATA, a company specialized in Marketing services. “There are several reasons: there is a delay in the implementation of effective online advertising systems, pricing policies are not fully defined and also online advertising is seen as an adaptation of traditional advertising, regardless of the fact that we are talking about a medium. completely different and that offers many possibilities of innovation in the formats ”.

Miguel Ángel Gago points out some keys to keep in mind when establishing a good Online Marketing campaign:Identify who you want to reach . Depending on the age group or socioeconomic characteristics, for example, there will be online media and tools that you should use in preference to others.Establish the image you want to give of your company . From there you can choose the content of the campaign and adapt the message to the online medium.Make attractive content : one of the keys to an effective online marketing campaign is that it entertains. If a campaign is fun, it will not only attract the attention of users, but, thanks to the users themselves, it will be able to reach many more people.

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Use the new formats. The new media and online entertainment content (videos on channels such as YouTube or television channels that also offer their programming on the Internet) offer interesting possibilities to reach the public. Research and evaluate the new formats that they offer you, since innovation is basic in online media.

Take into account social networks: Online marketing must consider social networks as a new support for conversation with customers and potential customers. They offer two great advantages: on the one hand, they allow companies to maintain an open channel of direct communication with their customers, something essential to get to know their real needs and respond appropriately. On the other hand, they give the possibility of segmenting messages following the preferences of the different target groups on social networks.

Use the right tools : Companies in general must evaluate the online world as a key area in their marketing policy, but using tools that allow them, for example, to redirect traffic to high-performance areas. A partner specialized in this field, who also has the appropriate tools, will be an invaluable help and a key ally, since they will provide adequate knowledge of the elasticity of each market.Use effective measurement systems : To ensure continuity and bilateral in communications, behavior measurement systems must be used. These systems will also make it possible to evaluate the success of the online campaign and learn from it for the future.

Give importance to data: Data continues to be the lifeblood of any online marketing campaign, as well as being key in the effective development of the targeting strategy and sales policy. They are necessary both for segmentation and to check the effectiveness of each campaign. For this reason, it is essential to keep the data repositories updated and improve so that the CRM tools that are put in place can be effective.

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