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Marketing and Advertising Arrive on Gps

We had already anticipated that Marketing and Advertising would reach the GPS and although it seemed somewhat distant, we can already affirm that this is a reality. Garmin nüvi 755T is the new GPS model that comes with this functionality included, that is, added to the characteristics of any GPS navigator, we can receive traffic alerts for free in exchange for showing advertising at certain times. Advertising is pressed or selected, the system will mark different points near the company or advertiser brand on the navigation maps. In Spain there are already some initiatives that address the aspects of advertising on the maps of GPS systems.

The Granada company De La Mananas Israel Phone Number List developed software for this type of device that provides maps with information on different types of businesses and companies, hotels, shops, … Growing market According to a study carried out by Berg Insight, the sale of terminals with GPS will not stop grow in the coming years by quadrupling sales. In this way we will go from the 175 million that were sold last year alone, to the 560 million that they calculate for the year 2012 The Marketing and Advertising sectors have already realized this and the possibilities that these systems could offer to companies. companies and advertisers.

Interactive Advertising Media will also experience notable growth

According to a recent report by the powerful communication consortium WPP Group, in 2009 interactive media will represent approximately 15% of advertising investment worldwide, this increase would be 50% more than the data for 2004, which makes to digital marketing and interactive advertising supportsin one of the most important for advertisers who are moving away from traditional media in favor of digital ones.

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Some of the interactive media, such as Internet advertising, mobile marketing, and gaming advertising, accounted for 11% of overall ad spending in the US and Western Europe in 2007. “There is no doubt that interactive channels are increasingly important for delivery and engagement and will continue to be even more so for years to come.” commented Rob Norman, Global CEO of GroupM Interaction.

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