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Marketing in the Church: priests sing and dance “Despacito” so as not to lose faithful

In Argentine churches, they sing an adaptation of “Despacito”, by Luis Fonsi, to attract faithful to Catholicism.
Marketing and religion, like it or not, can no longer be completely isolated issues from each other. And in that scenario, while other religions have been marketing (and good) for years, others, such as the Catholic Church, have been left behind … far behind.Some faithful will understand that there is no place for marketing in religious beliefs, and Kuwait Email Database they are probably right, but it is also true that, at least in Argentina, Catholicism is losing the place of preponderance that it always had at the hands of creeds that “se they sell ”in ways that are much more attractive to younger people.An interesting example of aggiornamiento (not to mention the word marketing) is what Father Gabriel Ghione, from the city of San Francisco, in central Argentina, is doing. The priest, always attentive to new trends, sings and dances an adaptation of the song Despacito , by Luis Fonsi, to stimulate children and young people who attend mass.

The video of the priest singing and dancing Despacito went viral throughout Argentina and is a sensation on social networks.”Father Gabriel is very loved and appreciated in the community of his parish and is known for being a great activist and mobilizer of the Diocese of San Francisco, which in recent years suffered several casualties of young priests who for different reasons gave up their habits” , published Via País .The video was published for the first time by Radio Estación 102.5 on Facebook .The lyrics were not the work of Father Gabriel, but were made by seminarians from the Jesús Buen Pastor Seminary, in Río Cuarto (Córdoba, Argentina), for the VII Meeting “Young People Visit the Seminary”. In fact, the song is being used in much of the country’s parishes. This is the full letter:

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The Catholic Church of Argentina has been showing signs of wanting to use the advantages of marketing. Another example is the intention to take SEO EBL advantage of the religious tourism generated from, for example, the canonization of Priest Gabriel Brochero in 2016.In this context, and aware that the first completely Argentine saint was “born”, the Bishopric of Cruz del Eje registered the Cura Brochero brand. According to the Eguía y Asociados study , in charge of the procedure, the “spirit” was “purely preventive, to preserve the proper use” of a name that became public and global.

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