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Summer is what you have. Many are already enjoying their well-deserved vacations. Others come or prepare their rest trip to enjoy free time and relaxation to disconnect from stress and daily work.And what better way to do this than to enjoy a good read and interesting content lying in the hammock or on the beach sand, in the pool, or in the hotel room.For this and for those who prefer to continue feeding on information and reviewing trends or simply catching up, our annual Marketing will undoubtedly be the best resource for these days of rest.

Through our yearbook, we will be Indonesia Phone Number List able to discover the most interesting and the best topics of Marketing, Advertising and Social media of this year 2011. From the best guerrilla marketing campaigns, the best advertisements and the latest trends on Social media in a A review of the most popular content on our website that will surely not leave you indifferent.

What Happened To The Trends In Online Marketing And Digital Advertising For 2011?

While the summer heat is tightening, more than six months have passed since we started this year 2011. As is usual, with the arrival of each year there are multitudes and different predictions about the most promising trends and news within the industry and the marketing and advertising sector.It only takes a glance to the nearest past to realize how our world evolves at a frantic pace and by leaps and bounds. For this reason, we wanted to collect some of the predictions that we advanced just a few months ago and check if today they have been fulfilled as we expected.

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2011, started strong. Especially with the avalanche of information and data related to media and social networks. Then the vast majority of experts bet on this type of media as a mainstream throughout this year. And the truth is that he was right.In 2010, corporate use of social media reached a tipping point. Companies became more sophisticated in the use of these types of media as they gained more experience. As part of this evolution, experts pointed out that social media would spread throughout organizations, mainly in customer service.

The forecasts on social media were evident and indicated that the media and social networks would continue to grow by leaps and bounds in a year that would be marked by the integration of all kinds of resources, content, widgets, videos, cloud services and analysis.The stakes were 10 to 1, and hardly anyone dared to swim against the current. Experts and analysts clearly highlighted that the use of social networks by Internet users would continue to grow while the budget of brands in communication actions through these media would increase.

But regardless of what seemed more than obvious, Google was already being given the opportunity to demonstrate its great potential by predicting a change towards the social. We have already witnessed how, in recent months and weeks, the news from Google in this regard has not stopped arriving.Curiously, other of the most striking trends after the sounded success of Obama, was the entry and massive participation of politicians in the media and social networks. And as we have been able to verify, these means have become a tool of real use both for the candidates themselves and their communication teams.

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