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For the installation and operation of the station, 200 million pesos will be allocated, Line 7 of the metro will be the first to have the service.In recent days, the Metro of Mexico City registered flaws in its services due to weather conditions Cyprus Email Addresses and the lack of maintenance of the lines; recently users of Line 1 had to leave the tracks after a short circuit in the vicinity of the Juanacatlán station.Likewise, the intense rains that were experienced in the capital of the country at the end of June, reduced the operation of Line 7 that goes from Rosario to Barranca del Muerto; in such a way that the image of the Collective Transport Service (SCT) declined in the imaginary of the users.Due to this, Jorge Gaviño , director of the Metro Collective Transport System (STC), announced that the service will have an Internet radio station in which messages about the incidents of the same, music, advertising, among other contents will be broadcast.

The official informed that a private firm will be in charge of providing the necessary infrastructure to operate the station that can be heard in the stations and wagons of the system, with an investment of 200 million pesos; Likewise, he indicated that this new system will begin operations on Metro Line 7, since it will be the first to have wireless internet that AT&T will supply .The fact that the metro seeks private investment to improve the service will allow it to free itself from expenses that it can use in other areas where resources are also needed; plus it will improve your brand reputation.

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Gaviño pointed out that users will be able to SEO EBL access the content through an application for mobile devices. This measure joins other initiatives undertaken by the capital metro to provide a better experience for people who use the means of transport, such as the repair and synchronization of loudspeakers on trains; the lighting of the 225 kilometers of double tracks; as well as the security signage campaign called “Security and Prevention”.

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