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Michelle Obama shared what she feared most when she was the first lady of the United States. He spoke about that and other topics at the Apple Ireland Email List conference in San José.Women and programming, wage injustices in her country and her fear of becoming a meme, some of the topics that the former first lady of the United States touched on at WWDC , Apple’s developer conference in San Jose last Tuesday .Obama spoke to an audience full of mostly male tech workers and asked them to make room for women. There was Tim Cook , CEO of Apple, and Lisa Jackson, the former head of the EPA who now leads social and environmental initiatives – the brand that Steve Jobs invented.The press was not present, but from what the developers who paid to sit in the auditorium said, El País and CNN obtained details of what he said. Here are some of his reflections and anecdotes.

Women and programming. Michelle Obama urged the audience to make room for women and people of color in technology. “The girls stay away from technology and science. There is something about how this topic is taught, ”he said. “You guys are smarter than that. They are better than that, let’s understand it ”, he added. Always on the same subject, he said “we have to wish it. “And that’s when I look at the guys in this room and I say: Are you ready, are you really ready to have women sitting at the table programming with you?”Education and inequality. “It all starts with education,” he said. “There are millions of girls around the world who do not have access to a good education. Not only due to lack of resources or because they do not have access to schools, but also because of the cultural barriers that keep girls on the sidelines ”. He also accused his own country of being unfair, considering that there is still a notable wage gap.Life after the White House. Michelle said she’s still figuring out her new role outside of the White House. She said that in addition to giving talks, they are both using the time to relax, write books, reflect on the last eight years, and travel. The former first lady also said that “it is good not to have to dress to go out to the garden or wake up with people in the house.”

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What concerned you most as first lady. “If you want to know what I was thinking at every state dinner: ‘Don’t fall down, girl don’t fall down, don’t SEO EBL fall down. At least not in front of the cameras, because you will be a meme for the rest of your life, ”he said.Tips for entrepreneurs. First, he stressed that “not all problems can be solved with an app.” And he said that you have to start small, “influencing those closest to you, families and small communities.” “Many of us want to be great influencers, but we don’t want to confront our own families on things that matter to us,” he said. “Don’t underestimate the value of what you can do in your own communities,” he concluded.

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