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Microsoft Introduces New Interactive Advertising Platform For Xbox

Microsoft introduced new interactive features for its Xbox 360 Kinect this month, including the ability for players to speak directly to in-game characters in “Mass Effect 3,” and the ability to customize virtual weapons through gestures. and voice in “Tom Clancy`s Ghost Recon: Future Soldier”.At the Cannes International Festival of Creativity, he also showed how this type of functionality can be used to show advertisers how it is possible to make ads interact with its 10 million Kinect players, something that can start to be used from spring 2012.

Microsoft has shown how big brands can participate in Xbox games in a way that far exceeds traditional TV, through interactive ads, where console users will be allowed to use voice commands such as “Xbox plus “To get more information about a product or to send it to you by email; “Xbox tweet” to share an offer or advertisement with a friend online and “Xbox next”, to obtain the physical address of a retailer on our mobile. The service also recognizes gestures like a thumbs-up, allowing players to vote on anything.

NUads, the name of the Italy Phone Number List technology, will allow advertisers to integrate interactive advertising directly into the content of the game, with agencies being able to add this functionality to the same sites where they are run on TV or on the Internet. “This brings us one step closer to turning the Xbox into a TV provider,” said Michael Pachter, Morgan’s video game analyst, and that seems to be the path Microsoft decided to take with its console, although it still needs a more powerful box.”In theory, NUads will allow Microsoft to monetize content, and probably at a higher rate than traditional passive advertising,” Pachter said. “We have to wait for an improved entertainment package (film and TV) very soon,” he added.

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5 reasons to use videos as part of your digital strategy

There is an increasingly marked trend in the way of consuming content on the internet, where the visual and a good aesthetic design prevail over the texts, with videos that are viewed at any time of the day and from all kinds of devices, from notebooks, to smartphones and tablets.Companies cannot be oblivious to this consumer trend and therefore content specially created for these sites should be generated to considerably increase the points of contact with potential customers.

Being first in the searches related to our product in the main search engines will ensure a large flow of potential customers.Publishing videos on sites like YouTube improves the positioning in the main search engines, since the public profiles on these high-traffic sites are indexable by the search engines, increasing the notoriety of the company on the Internet.

For this reason, companies are beginning to create videos, trying to collect as many keywords as possible, while embedding the video on the corporate site and leaving the source open to be embedded by other sites, multiplying the dissemination on thousands of video sites, which makes company videos present on multiple sites, generating countless communication channels that exponentially disseminate products When thinking about the keywords that we will use in the title, description, category and tags and with which we want to lead, let’s ask ourselves: what are our potential clients looking for? With what words could they find us?

In the preparation of the content, it is essential to use words that are widely searched by our target audience and for this the keyword suggestion tool provided by Google Adwords can help us, which allows us to know the volume of searches for each word.

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