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Santiago, Chile -. Microsoft has published new advertising and it has given us something to talk about. The company makes a direct comparison with Apple’s iPad, showing prices and other features that leave its already classic opponent less well off. This video has been widely commented on social networks and fans of both sides have not been waiting to defend their favorite.Microsoft has released a new commercial, which shows a direct comparison with the tablet from Apple . There are countries where this direct sample of the opposing brand to make a ‘counter-advertising’ is not even legal, however in the United States we are already used to witnessing this ‘advertising war’ between large companies within polarized areas.

The CP&B company , which has more than 25 years Ghana Email List in the field of advertising campaigns for major brands throughout the world, has been responsible for the much talked about video that in about a week has garnered almost 4 million visits.With the slogan “Less Talking, more doing ” (Less talk and more action) seeks to compare the Microsoft Surface with the iPad since, as many know, the latter device is known for having a help assistant called “Siri”. However, according to Microsoft’s point of view, it remains “a lot of talk and little action.” Here we leave you the video, it is your turn to judge.

Skype affects 750 thousand users due to a virus

A couple of days ago, a virus spread by Skype affected more than 750 thousand users, among which it was reported that 67% affected Latin America. Mexico, DF- A couple of days ago a virus spread by Skype affected more than 750 thousand users, among which it was reported that 67% affected Latin America . The news was made known in various media and on social networks, which allowed cyber criminals to update the means of spreading the virus.Thousands of users received messages saying the following: are these really your photos? or Haha, that strange photo of your profile, accompanied by the link of a virus.The malicious code affects the computer and spreads among the contacts of the affected person through the same type of messages, which in a few hours totaled more than 500 thousand clicks, the majority from Latin America.

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According to a company statement, the virus infects the system and injects two executable files containing Payload into the Ghana Email List main processes, that is, an additional action that a certain virus can perform, such as theft of data, personal information or Of these two files, one created an entry in the Windows registry to be executed on the next startup, while the other contained at least three URLs, one of which connects every 15 minutes to receive new commands from the cyber attackers.

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