Microsoft will launch a Smartphone that will measure your mood.

Santiago, Chile -. The new technology that Microsoft seeks to launch would be able to “feel” how your mood is, to be able to share it automatically with your friends on different social networks . Although this device is still being tested, it promises to be one of the great novelties of recent times in the personal use of your mobile phone.With a system called ” Commodore “, Microsoft seeks to guess the mood of its users, to be able to share it on social networks without the need for the owner of the phone to carry out the action consciously.How will this device work? A kind of “mood sensor” has been added to the phone that pigeonholes the user into one of the 7 different moods in which they could find themselves: Bored, excited, annoyed, stressed, happy, calm or tense.

They hope to bring this new tool to the Colombia Email Address everyday, that the phone cares about the user. So it is likely that in the future we will use Commodore as an assistant to make better decisions depending on how you are and how the situation in which you are immersed seems to be. Likewise, the creators of this tool seek to take communication on social networks one step further, since in general, we are not transparent when it comes to communicating in these ways. Showing the mood is going to achieve a much more ‘like’ communication in the real world.

Do you want to start investing? These 9 sectors could be the best option to start.Currently this project is in the testing period, however we can anticipate that around 66% of the people who have tried this Smartphone prototype have said that the phone did accurately guess their state of mind. They hope to quickly increase that percentage by fine-tuning details for their, not so soon, launch.

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10 banks with the most complaints and the role of social networks

The National Commission for the Protection and Defense of Users of Financial Services (CONDUSEF) , released the first part of an analysis called “Claims with monetary impact presented by banking clients in Mexico” from which it reported that during 2012 About 238 thousand 863 claims were registered against 29 banks in the national territory.This figure means that, on average, two out of every ten Mexican adults who have a bank account or credit presented at least one claim with a monetary impact in the last year, which means that of the almost 25 million users of Mexican banking, 4 million 238,923 had a complaint against a banking institution, increasing the Bank Claim rate by just over 17 percent.Of the total complaints, 94.1 percent of them had a response, where the participation of digital media, especially social networks, is becoming increasingly relevant.

According to the study “Evolution and use of social networks in the banking sector in LATAM 2010-2012” prepared by IZO , it is estimated that Colombia Email Address by 2010 65 percent of the social channels used by banking institutions focused solely on boost marketing position the image of the brand through contests and promotions as well as through the dissemination of corporate information.In contrast to last year, the percentage of channels that already offered customer service reached 53 points, which meant a growth in just two years of 260 percent.It is worth mentioning that it is expected that banks in Mexico use Facebook and Twitter as the main means of customer service .

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