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The only preserved mural of “Casablanca” equaled the historical record paid during a public auction of film posters
They say that remembering is living, it is precisely to that aspect that nostalgia marketing appeals, to recall brands, products and services to the consumer.Currently we have witnessed the return of cartoons to open television in prime time or prior to the so-called prime time; The Knights of the Zodiac and The Superchamps are the bets on list of shipping companies in dubai with email address television stations to attract a greater number of viewers, who now have other types of tools available to join the conversation.Likewise, the purchase of products that were part of the past is an attractive market; This weekend it was revealed that the only preserved Italian poster of the film “Casablanca” was sold for $ 478,000 during a public auction of collector’s movie posters in Dallas.According to the Associated Press, Heritage Auctions announced that the price equaled the highest figure for a poster at a public auction. According to the news agency, the poster dates from 1946, four years after the Oscar-winning film was produced and released in the United States.In the middle of this year another iconic object was put up for auction, it is the robot from the Star Wars saga R2-D2, to obtain it the sum of 2.75 million dollars was paid, according to data from Profiles in History , the house in charge of place the bid.

Other products of the film have also been auctioned by the auction house, the lightsaber used by Luke Skywalker in the films “A New Hope” and “The Empire Strikes Back” was acquired in exchange for 375 thousand dollars.In February 2013, it was reported that the mobile game “Flappy Bird” was withdrawn from the market, due to the fact that its creator was not able to support the success of its application. This fact led to the fact that the people who did have the game will auction it, including a phone or tablet, for prices ranging from 300 to more than 500 thousand dollars through Ebay.

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Last year, Apple’s first iPod, which was SEO EBL discontinued in 2014, was priced at up to 40 times the original price, which is logical for this to happen when you have a product that is hard to come by.The different versions of the device were offered on various internet sales platforms, the 5 GB device was sold for more than 161 thousand pesos.While the second-generation iPod, 20GB in its original box, was priced at $ 20,000, when it went on sale in general in 2002, it was priced at $ 500.

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