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NASA responded to the boy that he has the illusion of being a guardian of the galaxy and that he applied for the position of Planetary Protection Officer.NASA recently posted a job offer for the Planetary Protection Officer vacancy and to Denmark Email Address the surprise of many, a nine-year-old boy named Jack Davis applied.By means of a letter, the minor applied for the position created in 1967, when they designed a vacancy whose functions are transcendental, since it is responsible for preventing the probes sent from Earth to other planets from being contaminated with microorganisms such as tough tardiness. In addition, develop quarantine protocols so that an extraterrestrial microorganism does not enter.

My name is Jack Davis, and I would like to apply for the position of Planetary Protection Officer. I may be nine years old, but I think I fit the position well. One of the reasons is that my sisters say that I am an alien.I have also seen all the space and alien movies that I can see. I have watched the Marvel Agents of Shield series and I look forward to seeing Men in Black. I am very good at video games and I am very young so I can learn to think like an alien.Of course, it caused a sensation and there is already a response from NASA. Planetary Science Director Jim Green replied to Jack.I have heard that you are a guardian of the galaxy and are interested in the position of Planetary Protection Officer at NASA. That’s great!

Our Planetary Protection Officer position is really good and it’s a very important job. It consists of protecting the Earth from small microbes SEO EBL when we bring samples from the Moon, asteroids or Mars. It is also about protecting other planets and moons from the microbes we have on Earth to responsibly explore the Solar System.We are always looking for brilliant future scientists and engineers to help us. I hope you study hard at school so we can meet at NASA one of these days.This case is reminiscent of 7-year-old Chloe Bridge water , who sent a job application to Google from England at the suggestion of her father. The CEO of Google, Sundas Archaic , replied that “I hope to receive your job application when you’ve finished school.”

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