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New Study Shows What Works In Online Video Advertising

Eyeblaster, the leading independent provider of integrated digital advertising solutions, has announced its latest findings on video, which indicate that online video advertising outperforms when it is present alongside emails and editorial content such as news, business, sports or music, but lags behind on social media and gaming environments. The study also confirms that video advertising increases interactivity, doubling the interactivity time (Dwell Time) and increasing the interactivity rate by 20%. As a result, video doubles the ROI over the non-video multimedia environment.

As marketers increasingly take advantage of video on the Internet, this new study, which analyzes billions of impressions, provides a new perspective on what, where, when and why video advertising attracts users in Internet. The review of user behavior by frequency of exposure shows that campaigns with video advertising achieve better results with lower exposures compared to multimedia campaigns without video. For example, users exposed to an ad with video twice have the same interactivity rate as users exposed to an ad without video three times.

“When it comes to online Belize Phone Numbers List advertising, savvy account managers use video to work the bottom two of the funnel in the consumer buying process to increase bottom line,” says Gal Trifon, CEO and co-founder of Eyeblaster. “Online video advertising causes interactivity and Eyeblaster data shows that users are more forced to play with the ad that contains video. A mix of in-stream, banner and floating ads enables advertisers to engage their target audience regardless of where they spend their time on the Internet. ”

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Over the past four years, video print growth has outpaced multimedia growth by 60%. Eye blaster data suggests that from early 2006 through the second quarter of 2009, video impressions have increased more than seven fold in the US market and tenfold worldwide. In-stream video advertising has the highest proportion of fully playable ads compared to other formats.

Creative decisions play an important role in ad performance: user-initiated video rollover works best followed by auto-initiated video; one-click user-initiated sessions perform worse.Relatively few users see video advertising with sound; booted video has the highest rate with sound.Increasing the length of the video by one second reduces the rate of fully played video by 2.8% on average.

Six out of ten users of social networks in Spain connect to them daily, and 84% do so at least once a week, according to the Study on Social Networks on the Internet prepared by Elogia Ipsofacto for Interactive Advertising Bureau, Association that represents the interactive advertising sector in Spain.The report analyzes the environment of social networks in Spain, addressing aspects such as user habits on the Internet, advertising and their relationship with the media, among other aspects.In this way, it stands out that the services most used on the Internet by social media users are search engines, digital newspapers and forums, although they always dedicate more time to social networks than to other Internet services or even to the media. conventional.

Regarding Advertising on Social Networks according to the data of the study itself:30% of the surveyed users indicate that they remember a specific communication campaign on social networks, with Coca Cola being the most remembered brand among users according to the study.Regarding the perception of such advertising, neutrality stands out, in such a way that 64% of those surveyed do not mind it, but they do not like it either. Only 20% of Social Network users indicate that they dislike advertising.

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Among those surveyed who do not like advertising on Social Networks, 27% do not like it or it annoys them and 18% affirm that it interrupts or interferes in their tasks.95% of individuals who are bothered by advertising on social networks are not
willing to pay to skip advertising on networks.44% of those surveyed answered that they are a fan of a brand or company on social networks. 9% of the fans of any brand are Coca-Cola.

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