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Through the “Breathe” line, Nike will introduce a shirt with a price of 40 euros, as opposed to the “Match Home” model, which is around 140 euros.The American sportswear firm Nike undertook a strategy aimed at people who do not have enough Egypt Email List resources to buy a jersey from their original favorite team and do not have to resort to piracy.Through an experimental phase, the brand will launch the low-cost FC Barcelona shirt , which will have a price of 40 euros (847 pesos), as opposed to the 140 euros (2,966 pesos) that the main clothing is around.This new model will belong to the “Breathe” family that will have the same design as the versions for players and fans, it will have the symbols, sponsors, in addition to the holographic Nike seals; while the differences will be the type of fabric, simpler, the type of neck, round, as well as the lack of the flag of Catalonia.

In Mexico, the prices of the jerseys that are published on the official website of the company are 2,499 pesos for the player apparel, while the fan apparel has a cost of 1,399 pesos.The phenomenon of piracy reaches such a degree that in Barcelona, ​​there is a sub-brand with which a variety of non-original products are sold, ranging from t-shirts, bags, cell phone cases, to tennis.

“Top Manta” is how this series of products is SEO EBL baptized, which were manufactured by the self-appointed Popular Union of Street Vendors of Barcelona; Regarding the merchandise, it is still the same that they sold before, they acquired the pieces without brands to later stamp the Adidas or Nike logos; from now on it will be your own logo.For Nike, expanding its market to a segment of the population that does not have the necessary resources opens a window of possibilities, because, despite not being the same type of material with which the shirts are manufactured, they do have a minimum of quality, which has characterized the company.

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