No Time to Die: The Product Placement Strategy

On the film industry’s list of collateral damage caused by the pandemic, the latest James Bond film No Time to Die was one of the biggest losers. It was going to be one of the big premieres of 2020, after the spring of 2021 and it has finally stayed for the fall. The film has been released on October 1 and is already, as expected, one of those films that must be talked about because of its pull in theaters.The global box office of its first opening weekend has exceeded 119 million dollars (with the screens of 54 countries). This is important because it thus becomes the first film to cross that threshold since the outbreak of the pandemic without taking into account the Chinese market, as published in Variety . It will not arrive in China until the end of October, as it will not arrive in several other countries until next week. In the United States, for example, it will not reach screens until October 8.

But beyond what this means in Panama Phone Number List terms of returning to theaters and ensuring the blockbuster legacy of the saga since its inception decades ago, what is interesting is what it means for the brands that star in the film’s scenes. Because if something is recurrent in James Bond films, it is the presence of brands: they are full of product placement. No time to die is no exception.

The adventure for the leading brands of the film has been different from that of its predecessors. Given that the film was shot a couple of years ago (in 2019) the things that were seen on screen were not necessarily what the brands wanted to show when the film hit theaters. The product placlement ran the risk of becoming obsolete.As the US media pointed out earlier this year, the delays in the premiere were causing serious problems in the marketing strategy of the leading brands. The Nokia phones used by the characters, for example, had become outdated. Products were then being digitally readjusted in promotional materials to be last.

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It is not the only change in the product placement strategy and in the type of brands that James Bond is seen consuming. As they point out in Glossy , just as the saga has been modernized, the type of brands that James Bond uses has also been modernized.If before Bond was the quintessence of the British, also through product placement, and of the classic products, now it is using more and more American brands and fewer brands of always and more of the latest generation. He continues to wear Omega watches, but in images you can see bags from the American Michael Kors.

As analysts explain to the US media, this brand readjustment better positions the film in front of young audiences. They are showing them brands that they know and that are relevant to them.What are the winning brands in No Time to Die? The conclusions of Concave Brand Tracking are that, as in all James Bond films, in this version the product placement is another of the great protagonists.

In fact, it has a greater role than in other deliveries. No Time to Die is the second film in the Bond saga starring Daniel Craig with the most brand presence. Only Specter had more brand load – with 23% more visibility (but Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace had 40% less and Skyfall 35% less).What’s interesting is that, in terms of brand numbers, No Time to Die has fewer brands, but it does so in a more visible way. Therefore, the exposure is much higher.The most visible brand is Aston Martin, the car that is most associated with James Bond and that, as explained by Concave, has appeared in 12 of 25 films. In total, in accumulated time, a car of the brand appears on the screen in 5 minutes.

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