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There has been debate for a long time whether the vertiginous development of technology and automation will result in the loss of jobs and even professions, more with the search for the consolidation of artificial intelligence applied in business. This Cambodia Email List week there is one more case that will surely fuel the controversy: a journalist robot that will narrate Premier League matches.This is Soccerbot, a project of the Yonhap News Agency (South Korea’s main service) with which it seeks to penetrate journalism that integrates artificial intelligence in real time during coverage of matches.According to the information available, Soccerbot has a database made up of a certain number of sentences written by sports journalists with the aim of ‘humanizing’ the content produced by the journalist robot.

In this way, the bot makes a product through three procedures; collects data in ‘microseconds’, compose sentences supported by your database using up to five different sources, and perform a spelling and grammar check. At the end, make an arrangement of the content prior to its publication.According to press reports, Soccerbot debuted a few weeks ago in a friendly match, but has already been officially active since the opening day of the Premier League by generating content during the match between Arsenal and Leicester City.

The Yonhap agency project goes hand in hand with other large media that have decided to integrate artificial intelligence into their processes, the Los Angeles Times, for example, which tested algorithms to produce reports on local SEO EBL earthquakes with information from the Geological Survey of In the United States, another more famous case was The Washington Post , which used AI to generate notes without human intervention about the Rio 2016 Olympic Games .But they are not the only ones, a study by the Reuters Institute Fellowship Paper University of Oxford, the largest news agencies in the world -AP, Reuters and AFP, among others- already produce stories every month with the help of algorithms and journalist robots, without doubt, something that will be a trend in the future.

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