Oreo Launches Cool Animation

With the name of “Oreo Wonderfilled Anthem”, the cookie company has launched an impressive animation, which together with a catchy song, has gone viral on social networks and has reached more than 400 thousand visits in a week alone in the version uploaded to Youtube. Next we will show you this ingenious video.This sympathetic campaign is led by the Martin Agency , the prestigious American advertising agency, a company that has been making great marketing proposals in very creative ways since the 1960s. This time it was the turn of “Wonderfilled” for Oreo, where they seek to show how easy it is to share and for that they created nothing less than a hymn.

It should be noted that this catchy music was composed by Adam Young, creator of the band ‘Owl City’.Oreo has been the world’s favorite cookie for over a century and for most of that time the company has been known for its creative and innovative approach to its product.”The shared connection through an Oreo is universal” say the creatives of the Martin Agency, who with their latest campaign, Wonder filled , seeks the space to share, in this case an Oreo, and what that can create advocating the sentiment universal of the human being.

“Wonder filled” captures the Niue Email List feeling that children are naturally good, however, adults need to be reminded “This phrase is part of the message that the agency intends to introduce through the campaign. We are all capable of sharing, it is in the human being (in this case, also in extraterrestrial beings). Children share by nature, however, sometimes you have to remind adults how easy and beautiful such actions are.

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Community Manager: Is it born or is it made?

Currently, most people are able to recognize what a Community Manager is, however, few know how complex it is and how difficult it is to keep a brand current, through Social Media. In this article we will demolish myths about this momentous role, so undervalued by some.History tells us that this trade started as the character who answered the queries on the companies’ Web pages. Before 1996 his work was basically the answer to doubts, the invisible face of the company, in the “Contact us” section. Already in the second half of the nineties, the use of the Internet began to spread, the beginning of social networks , search engines and easy-to-reach Web pages.

The exponential growth of social networks made companies enter that world to obtain more diffusion and arrival of people. For this they needed a person to play the role of “connector” between a large company and a common citizen.A common mistake made by people is to think that the role of the CM is basically to “play” on the Internet and interact with the public . What they do not always know is that the knowledge behind and the emphasis that one gives in each publication, article or statement, has a commercial and strategic purpose, which are part of a general marketing plan .

A CM is made or born? – can be somewhat superb, considering that the role has just acquired a professional rank. However, such questioning is essential to determine the profile of a Community Manager . For the position, it is necessary to be creative, informed, have knowledge about the field in which you are practicing and know how to publish certain information so that you get a certain reaction in the reader as a result. So we talk about criteria, something that is difficult to learn if you have not always had it. The phrase “anyone can be CM” is false .

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