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How to Write an Irresistible Email Copy Every

For many companies, the simple fact of having a presence in Social Networks is already a triumph, as it implies time, money and resources. For others that are a little more advanced, it is vital to have a strategy with specific objectives to achieve.Although there are hundreds of different strategies in Social Networks, all of these can be divided into two broad categories: Active or passive, below we will explore the difference between each one.This model is much cheaper and easier to implement, since it does not require specialized software, although to make the work more efficient it is advisable to use platforms such as Hootsuite , Sproutsocial or People Browser .It is worth mentioning that although the passive strategy is easier and cheaper, that does not mean that it is ineffective, on the contrary, when done properly the result can be very positive in Brand Awareness and Engagement for the brand.

An active strategy implies that in addition to the publication of content and attention to comments, a couple of additional actions will be carried out: Follow-up and intervention.Monitoring has to do with constantly monitoring (monitoring) the conversations that take place on Social Networks related to the brand or its competition to obtain information that may be useful. Monitoring requires specialized software, as well as trained personnel to identify and process what is found to turn it into something of value, which considerably raises the cost of Community Management work , since it requires a lot of time and sometimes more than one or two people to do it.Intervention refers to searching through the conversations detected in the follow-up and taking concrete action regarding each one. An example of this can be a hotel chain on the beach that aims to increase occupancy in low season.

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This hotel can follow up on conversations Iran Email List that they mention or ask about hotels, travel, packages, etc. And depending on each case, intervene in the conversation of the person to give them information, travel suggestions and even offer a discount.In this case we are talking about concrete actions that seek to generate sales by taking advantage of the information we obtain from the conversations of people using Social Networks.For this type of strategy, several software options are required working together to be able to detect conversations and respond directly at the right time. Tools like Radian6 or UberVU allow you to do this work, although the price can be a bit high for a small or medium-sized business.

Seat app warns “dad, don’t run” when the speed limit is passed

The car brand Seat has just launched an application for mobile phones that acts as that old graphic resource that consisted of the photo of the children with the message “Daddy don’t run”, only this time the phrase will be directly pronounced by loved ones at the best time: when the speed limit is exceeded while driving.Spain .- The car brand Seat has just launched an application for mobile phones that serves as that old graphic resource that consisted of a photo of the children with the message ” Daddy don’t run “, only this time the phrase will be directly pronounced by loved ones at the most appropriate moment: when the speed limit is exceeded while driving.

To achieve this, the application will broadcast the message recorded by the driver’s children (or another loved one) as soon as it detects that the allowed speed has been exceeded and as many times as it has been programmed. In addition, it will provide information on the route that is made showing the points in which it has been exceeded, to take them into consideration on a subsequent occasion.The Seat Safe Drive application is free and available in Spanish and English for IOs and Android.

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