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The fast food company launched a tutorial on how to take advantage of its pizza boxes and be able to observe the natural phenomenon next Monday.The natural phenomenon that will be witnessed next Monday, August 21, in much of the United States , as well Belize Email Address as the northern part of Mexico , has become the basis of a seasonal marketing strategy for different brands.The solar eclipse has given rise in the first instance to an over-demand for special lenses, since NASA alerted the population of the danger posed by witnessing this event without proper protection; This fact led to increases in the price of the product, its falsification and misleading advertising.The online store, Amazon , was one of the retailers affected in these sections, announced that it would financially reimburse customers who were victims of merchandise that did not meet the necessary characteristics to guarantee the eye safety of its consumers.

On the other hand, television networks will carry out extensive coverage of this phenomenon, firms such as CNN in association with Volvo or The Weather Chanel , will make use of an augmented reality technology of the so-called “great American eclipse”.In addition to consumer brands such as Krispy Kreme or “Chiquita” bananas, among many others have joined this event with promotions, discounts and product launches.For its part, Pizza Hut, also took advantage of the timing , launched a tutorial in which, through the use of its pizza boxes, it teaches consumers to turn them into an instrument to appreciate the eclipse of next Monday.

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To do this, the clip, whose duration is 38 seconds, uses tools that are not complicated to acquire or that you even have at home; We mean scissors, white SEO EBL paper, aluminum foil, and masking tape; Until the moment of publication, the material uploaded to YouTube is close to 24 thousand views,The firms that pack their products in cardboard, such as cereal brands, have been involuntarily benefited in this case, since different media have produced reports on how to use them to witness the natural phenomenon of next Monday, an example of this is the CBS North Carolina report.

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