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Basic Link Building Tips And Practices

Proximity marketing “encompasses marketing actions that take into account the current location of the target or potential customer Investment Belarus Email List in advertising and marketing for this 2017 globally will be 594 billion dollars, according to Zenith estimates .Proximity marketing: what to keep in mind One of the aspects that the marketer always takes into account is the proximity of the product or service with the consumer, since it generates engagement. Therefore, proximity marketing is recurrent in strategies.

This marketing encompasses actions that take into account the current location of the target or potential customer.The great advantage is that this type of marketing allows to segment the recipients according to their position, achieving greater effectiveness by impacting the target in the environment of interest of the campaign.Proximity marketing: what to keep in mind

The ideal in this type of marketing is to implement it through smartphones , thanks to geolocation, which represents an advantage with exact data about consumer behavior.Proximity marketing: what to keep in mind In markets such SEO EBL as France, mobile geolocation was a tool that achieved the highest demand within the segment of consumers between 18 and 24 years old, followed by another segment (47 percent) between 25 and 39 years old, according to CRÉDOC.

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