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Reverse Telephone Listings Versus Call Records

Some users have expressed confusion about the information contained in the recall lists. People sometimes feel frustrated Uruguay Phone Number List that the full report they have purchased does not include information about a particular call. This information, known as call logs, cannot be accessed via this search. In fact, selling to consumers is illegal. Here is a breakdown of the differences.

When you buy a phone report from a legitimate reverse lookup company, the first thing you get is very specific information: the name and SEO EBL address of the phone owner, the name and address of the phone company, whether a landline or cell phone number and sometimes environmental or location information. This information usually comes from public records that are available to everyone. In the case of cell phone number information, the information is legally stored and may be available for a fee from legal sources including private investigators.

Call logs, on the other hand, provide information about the activity associated with a phone number. Each call on record includes the number of the caller / recipient, date and time of call, duration of the call and geographic location of the caller / recipient. In general, call logs contain the same information as the activity details that are included with your monthly mobile bill.

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