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Simple Way To Use Email Marketing

The first thing you need is an auto-responded. For you who don’t know, a auto-responded is like an answering machine. You know, like Falkland Islands and Malvinas Email List the one on your telephone. It plays a pre-recorded message to whoever calls you. A auto-responded sends a pre-written message or advertisement to people who request your message or advertisement. It can also send a series of messages on a predetermined date. A good auto-responded can do all this 24/7 and never miss a beat. It also sends your message to your own list of people.

The next thing you need is a good list of people who has asked to receive offers that fits their needs, such as “making money” or “health care” or whatever. Don’t send a offer to someone about fishing if that person requested to be put on a list to receive moneymaking offers. To implement this plan you will need 7 different mailing lists, each containing 1000 names each, for a total of 7000 names and email addresses.

You can get your 7000 names to mail to from a variety of different ways, but what I suggest to a beginner is either buy SEO EBL them from a reputable broker or use co-register names. Co-register names are names that have filled out a form at some point, and requested to be put on a mailing list. These names work fairly well, and you can have a list of 7000 very quickly. To use co-register names, your auto-responded needs to have the ability to import names. After you import these names into your responded, most auto-responded will ask the person to opt-in or agree to receive your mailing.

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