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Yesterday it was made official that there will be a SNES Classic Edition, one more attempt by Nintendo to return to the fore in the video game Guyana Email List industry, one that is worth more than 84 billion dollars.Yesterday the news that Nintendo will continue to exploit nostalgia to the fullest to create products that captivate not only fans of the Big N, but also attract new consumers or, rather, return many who had already forgotten.The above because the Japanese company confirmed something that we had already advanced a few months ago : it is official that there will be a special edition of the Super Nintendo Classic Edition console , in a mini version of the SNES.On Monday, Nintendo became a global trend when it revealed that the new console that exploits the nostalgia of the nineties will be released next September at a cost of $ 79.99 and will have as its main mission, repeat the success in retail that the NES Classic Edition achieved. , a console that sold out shortly after its launch and exceeded production demand.

To repeat the marketing feat, Nintendo will bet on launching a new title of a franchise that emerged in the nineties and that has great popularity.This is Star Fox 2 , a title that will be part of the appeal that comes with the SNES Classic Edition but, with a marketing trap , since users must first play the original Star Fox and pass the first level -Corneria-, before they can unlock the new installment of this franchise.The objective is clear, to appeal to the engagement of Star Fox to attract the public and generate expectation in the arrival of the new nostalgic Nintendo console, which will arrive with 21 pre-installed games such as: Super Mario World, Starfox, The Legend of Zelda to Link to the Past, Super Metroid, Street Fighter II Turbo, Donkey Kong Country, among others. Similar strategy to the NES Classic Edition.

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Recall that this first classic console was one of the main reasons (along with the Nintendo Switch, Pokémon GO and Super Mario Run ) for the Big SEO EBL to return to the fore in the video game industry, one that has a value greater than $ 84 billion, according to PwC estimates.The objective is clear, to fight face to face with the leaders of the sector -in terms of consoles-, where PlayStation -of Sony- leads with more than 13 million units sold in 2016 alone, and by Xbox -of Microsoft- with just over 6 million consoles, according to Statista data.

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