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The protagonists of a television program about tornadoes, they have done the unimaginable: Record from the inside of you. The video was uploaded just this Monday, and it already exceeds one million views. Surprisingly, the vehicle only had one less door.Brandon Ivey (Meteorologist) and Sean Casey (Filmmaker) are known in the “Storm Chaser” trade who seek to analyze and document the storms and tornadoes that occur daily, but as closely as possible. They have spent years dedicating themselves to this particular field and are protagonists of the series “Storm Chaser” that broadcasts the Discovery Channel.This week these professionals have achieved a feat that for many seems impossible (and needless to say, dangerous), to record inside a tornado. (Actually, some previous searches have already been made, however they are very scarce and in different situations, for example being protected in something like an “underground bunker”)

For such dangerous filming, with winds Hong Kong Email List exceeding 150 miles per hour, they used a modified Dodge Ram 3,500 with 6 wheels and weighing more than 6,300 kilograms. The vehicle lost a door with the force of the wind, as well as other small details, however it managed to stay on solid ground and save the lives of the two people who were inside. The quality of the audio is quite damaged but they hope to remedy that in the future for its official publication.Needless to say, the tornado greatly affected the sector, destroyed several buildings and caused extensive damage to electricity and homes, especially in the town of Moore, in Oklahoma.Without a doubt, the recording not only means a historical record in this type of extreme activities, but also the best promotion for those who have not yet seen the program and who can search for past episodes on the net.

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New research places Chile as the country with the highest Internet penetration in Latin America

A new version of the study Barometer of Broadband 20 , carried out by the consultancy IDC and the firm CISCO indicates that from 2011 to 2012, in our country 163 thousand new fixed connections to the Internet were made, mainly in homes.The above figures show that 40% of Chilean households have an Internet connection. According to the statements of Nicolás Chiappara, general manager of Cisco a Cooperativa today, the figures reveal that Chile is a leader in technology, at the Latin American level.According to the executive, the country is making good progress towards knowledge and official data indicates an 8% growth in Internet use in the country. It also informs that the connection speed has grown in the last year by 27%, which places us at the top of the region with excellent indicators.

Today speeds reach an average of 7.1 Mbps, making our broadband the fastest in Latin America. Brazil, moves to a second place with an average that reaches 4.7 Mbps.The Young CEO: The Precocious Taxidermist.It is estimated that by the year 2017, in the country we will have more than four million Internet connections corresponding to fixed broadband in 94% and mobile broadband in a smaller percentage.

Directors of País Digital pointed Hong Kong Email List out to the press that it is necessary to educate the population in the use of all available digital tools.The technology is definitely there. Now we only need to guide the use that the population makes of it, guided by public education policies at all levels, to get the best out of technology, both in the personal and professional spheres.

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