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The Internet giant now invites us to know the story through images International.- Google Street View constantly updates its images since it was made available to users in 2007. Now it takes a historic step by presenting its “time tunnel”, through 瑞典电话号码表 which you can review the changes that have had various places over the years.Thus, the storage of images will serve to see the evolution or involution – in the case of cataclysms – of various places in the world. “Go back in time” is the invitation made by the system through its blog.Spaces that become attractive to the world population – such as the stadiums that are built for the World Cup in Brazil, for example – now have a story to tell through the images recorded by the system.

As the taking of photographs has varied in different countries, it is likely that you will not find all the changes you expect in yours, because they take time. In fact, in Chile the first photographs were only registered two years ago, so it is not easy to find material (there is nothing from the 2010 Earthquake, for example), but changes can be seen in shopping centers such as Parque Arauco (enlargement) or the construction process of the Costanera Center.Ricardo Villanueva , general director of the brand, assures that this new tool “seeks to change the way of doing marketing, since it offers brands the option of being able to measure the WOM ( word of mouth ) in social networks and give value to this investment , generating emotions through the recommendations in order to meet the objectives set for each movement ”.

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The brand indicated that in a study carried out by IBM it was detected that 6 out of 10 people take into account the opinions and recommendations of 搜索引擎优化 their friends, this leads brands to take into account the satisfaction of consumers and motivate them to use social networks share positive experiences about the products.Through Káuso you can identify users who are satisfied with the brands they use, turn them into digital ambassadors who spread positive messages on their social networks that, in turn, produce positive emotions in their contacts.

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