Strengthen the relationship with your social customers

México, DF.- Social networks have become a tool and channel of direct communication with our clients and with a global reach and insertion, both a good comment and a bad one will have repercussions on our brand.According to the study “Future Digital Latin America 2013” ​​prepared by ComScore in Latin America, social networks are one of the main activities carried out by its inhabitants, averaging 10 hours per month, a figure that exceeds 5.8 hours per month throughout the world.In this sense, a study by Conversocial suggests putting into practice the following strategies to reinforce and improve our relationship with the social client:Understand customer problems: The proliferation and use of social networks has led to the publication of problems and customer complaints faster and with greater impact, we must be prepared and ready to offer a plausible solution in real time.

Understanding the volume: To solve the problems of Brunei Email List the clients we must check the number of complaints received and what they are about, in this sense if the majority is about the assortment we must attend to that matter. However all reports must be attended.Understand the expectations of response speed: One of the advantages and sense of existence of social networks is the immediate effect they have, this characteristic is inherent to the speed with which we must answer. In this sense, the answer or solution must be consistent and precise to the customer’s requirement.Understanding the commitment to response on time: Your company has a schedule, what about complaints or comments from customers who are outside of it? Do you have a team ready for it and serve them? To address these issues you must build a team dedicated to those tasks. The more you strengthen your relationship with your social customer, the more impact your brand will have.

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“Graph Search”: new search system on Facebook

Since January of this year the founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg had already announced that what this new update and search method was really looking for was to compete against Google. Since the month announced, users who use the English version of the social network have commented in favor of the improvements in search. And these Brunei Email List are the main points made on the official Facebook blog.In addition, the social network is working on the control of search systems, because as the system is extended to more users, everyone on Facebook will see a modification on their home page remembering how they can find what they share and with whom . It will be something similar to what happened when Facebook showed a pop-up alert of the new Biography update or when the chat windows changed.

And as in all the changes that the social network has had, there are people who are taking advantage of it and who say they don’t like it.It should be noted that the search results are completely personalized and are based on the information that has been shared with the user. In addition, the search topics will only revolve around your contacts.

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