The 10 Commandments Of The Tweeter

Santiago, Chile.- Like every organization in the world that works around more than one person, for the correct use of social networks and its consequent success, it would be very useful if there were a basic regulation. And while it is true that each network has its own rules, apart from the fact that few people read them, it is not a real manual of behavior. I share with you, what I consider my 10 commandments of social networks . Well, especially on Twitter. You will love the other tweeters as yourself . A rule that applies to all the people you follow and those who follow you, for whatever reason. I clarify that it is not about sending hearts or loving messages every day to everyone, but about respecting those who interact with you, as you would like them to respect you.

You will not steal intellectual Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Email Lists tweet property. Rule of thumb, if you intend to have a good reputation. If you were fascinated by a phrase, please give the credits to whoever deserves them. People will RT the same in your message, but you will have recognized who corresponds.You will not raise false testimonies against other tweeters . There are those who, to generate controversy and seek followers, invent situations involving third parties – usually known people – but they forget that lies are paid with total indifference, but with intellectual stoning in social networks

For some strange reason, there are characters on Twitter who live by ‘killing’ others. They spread the rumor and sometimes generate such confusion that important people end up giving their condolences to the relatives of those who are “alive and well” as Chespirito himself said, when they “killed” him online.You will not covet the followers of others. Getting a loyal following takes a lot of time and dedication. It is not ‘decent’ to chase followers of other brands, even if you have the freedom to follow them anyway.

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You will respect the free expression of tweeters . The times that run, due to the existing dynamics, tend to provoke violent manifestations of rage in many people, in front of anyone who does not think the same about them. For this reason, even if we do not agree with the background or form of the expression of another tweeter, we must respect it as we want to be respected. If we don’t like your talk, just do an Unfollow and that’s it.You will respond to your followers. Whenever possible, you will respond to comments and mentions from your followers. Sometimes just a ‘thank you’ will suffice; others, with a smile. Being nice doesn’t cost anything.

You will not demand reciprocity. If you are interested in following someone, just do it. If you are motivated by what that person brings you, you cannot demand that they also take an interest in you (My ego can bear that the Dalai Lama does not follow me J)

You will not push for RT. Retweeting occurs when the content is interesting or may be of interest or use to someone else. Why would we have to force our followers to “find our comments so interesting” that they required RT? The exception is thrown when we need concrete help. In that case it is allowed to “press”, please request a RT.You will not tweet or sponsor bad comments. Needless to say, social networks are a source of entertainment, communication and a way to enhance emotional ties in a community, therefore discriminatory comments of any kind are not welcome.

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