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Only in Mexico there are around 122,128 active professionals in the country, according to figures projected by the Labor Observatory of the Ministry of Labor who seek to stand out in the world of advertising and marketing.It is common Finland Email List that during working life, people seek to change jobs in order to grow personally and professionally, in addition to seeking a greater economic perception or better benefits.However, it is not always possible, unemployment and an increasingly competitive world make it more difficult to stand out and locate in the field of vision of the best companies to be recruited. In the field of advertising and marketing it is not very different, professionals are preparing more and more, who are constantly being joined by new generations.Despite this, there are areas in which greater opportunities for development and incorporation can be identified. According to a recent study by CareerCast, based on information from the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics for 2017, the options are not endless, but there are some profiles that offer great potential:

This is a key position in any agency for the conceptualization, achievement and success of campaigns. It has a projection of demand growth for this position of 9 percent, with an average income (in the United States) of $ 127.5 thousand per year.Also known as CMO, who is responsible for everything related to marketing within an organization. With a growth rate of 7 percent and an average income of $ 99.3 thousand per year.The creative who writes the advertising texts, slogans, slogans, copies of a campaign, etc. It has a growth rate of 4 percent and an average income of $ 45.6 thousand per year.He is the author of the concept and implementation of the creative ideas that will make up a campaign. A growth rate of 2 percent and annual revenue of $ 89.8 thousand.One of the most demanded profiles in the countries included in the study. He is the expert who solves complex problems related to finance, marketing, and industry, among other sectors. Growth rate of 15.7 percent and an average annual income of $ 111.2 thousand.

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The person in charge of studying the market potential to boost sales, the positioning of a product or service, identifying trends, opportunities SEO EBL and threats. A growth rate of 19 percent and a median income of $ 62,000 per year.A multimedia artist and animator creates visual and special effects using computers or other software tools to design animations, video games, movies, commercials, etc. It has a growth rate of 5.2 percent and average annual income of $ 64,000.One of the positions that has gained the most presence and relevance in recent years. Responsible for generating strategies on all these platforms. A growth of 11 percent and average annual income of $ 96.4 thousand.

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