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The Advertising of Mobile Games

The advertising of adult content services through mobile phones will have certain times for their broadcast on television, in line with the regulation of spaces in this medium, and regulated publications where their ads may appear, as established in the Codes of Conduct of Premium SMS services and 905 lines, approved today by the Supervisory Commission for Additional Rate Services, complying with the regulations governing the rights of telecommunications users.Also to protect minors, the code for SMS Premium services, which will come into effect four months after its publication in the Official State Gazette (BOE), establishes schedules for advertising and the operation of services aimed at minors. , as well as regulates the publications that can offer these messages whose recipients are children.The advertising of all these services must include the price of the service, as well as the identification of the person in charge, guaranteeing the ‘readable’ nature of the message, in clear and static characters.

When a user requests these services, the provider must send him an SMS informing him about the Ecuador Cell Phone Numbers List price and identifying the responsible company. “If it is about services with a price higher than 1.20 euros (subscription or for adults), this message will be prior to contracting, so that only if the user expressly accepts it, can the service be provided”, they said.For their part, contests must have their bases deposited before a notary and if a vote or a participation of a contestant is received out of hours, they can only be billed for the amount of a text SMS, without the corresponding additional pricing part. to the fact of voting.

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In television programs, while the telephone number to participate is announced, its price and the identification of the service provider must appear on the screen “at all times”.The subscription services will be contracted only through the word ‘ALTA’, which cannot be used for other services.To cancel the subscription, the word ‘LOW’ will suffice and the company will be prohibited from continuing with the subscription if it has received that message.

For its part, the regulation of programs that use 905 numbers, a code that will come into force three months after the Telecommunications Market Commission (CMT) assigns the new 905 numbers, establishes that these contests must also always include clear the price and the service provider.In contests with the participation of the public through 905, an informative label on the number of calls received in the last 10 minutes will be mandatory so that the user knows the number of participants and their possibilities of accessing the program.

The use of premium rate numbers – through whatever prefix is ​​used – for customer service or after-sales services related to the purchase of goods or services is prohibited.”The eventual breach of the obligations of the code of conduct may be reported. If it is found that there has been breach, the number with which the offense was committed will be withdrawn from the service provider. The monitoring of the control of compliance with the code corresponds to the Commission for the Supervision of Additional Charging Services “, they concluded.

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