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A study carried out by a Mexican physicist revealed that for the Mexican political class, skin color has a greater impact on voters than their ability to occupy a popularly elected position.
Recently, the National Institute of Statistics Guatemala Email Database and Geography (Inegi) released the first Inter generational Social Mobility Module in Mexico, within which it revealed that people’s skin color is a factor that determines well-being as well as social position at the same time. that they can access.Within the study it was indicated that the population with a lighter complexion of skin presents more opportunities to obtain better paid jobs and higher management positions, on the other hand, citizens with a brown skin tone do not manage to position themselves in better quality positions, in addition that the salary they receive is not lower.Proof of this is that, according to what was reported by the institute, 27. percent of the subjects with the lightest skin color occupy management positions, bosses, professionals and technicians, while 13.9 percent in the Groups with darker skin were placed in a managerial position.

It was also detailed that 15.5 percent of the people who identified themselves in darker tones do not have some kind of studies, on the other hand, the population with the lightest skin color, have higher percentages in terms of educational level.In such a way that Adrián Santuario, a physicist at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) made a similar sample in the Mexican political class, the difference in his study is that he did not ask officials to identify themselves on a chromatic scale as he did. the Inegi, but rather, based on the photos of the deputies available on the internet.The result of the test is that the majority of the representatives of the various political parties have light skin color, based on the Pantone color catalog.

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In the words of the author, who was interviewed by Verne, “I think it was possible to confirm what Inegi says, but it also surprised me that SEO EBL in the PAN (National Action Party), for example, there is more variety of colors, I thought there would be more güeros; Also note that in the PRI (Institutional Revolutionary Party) there is also a bit of everything ”.Sanctuary indicated that this experiment denotes a “whitening” of the political class; Therefore, the premise of the Institute acquires validity, it then supposes that applicants for public office are not chosen according to their ability but to the color of their skin.

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