The Confederations Cup With The Days Numbered

The lack of interest from fans and teams has worried the organizers who are already analyzing the possibility of disappearing the competition The Iceland Email Address Confederations Cup , to be held from June 17 to July 2 in Russia, could be the last edition of this tournament due to the lack of interest of the fans and the teams that compete in it, in addition to the fact that FIFA already evaluates the future of the tournament.According to the Brazilian media Globoesporte, of the 696 thousand tickets available, until a month ago, only 300 thousand were sold, only the match between the host Russia and the European champion, Portugal , had a full house assured.Another factor that worries the organizers is the negotiations for the transmission of the matches, according to the media, FIFA charges 120 million dollars for the rights of the Confederations Cup and the World Cup, prices that are four times higher than what was charged in Brazil during 2013 and 2014.

Data from Stub Hub indicate that international demand will be reduced, local fans have bought more than 80 percent of the tickets, a situation that will affect the economic spill of the various places where the tournament will take place due to the lack of hotel rooms occupied, expenses in food, transport and others that derive from tourism.The ticket marketplace reported that Chile and Mexico are the countries that show the greatest interest from their fans to attend the cup.FIFA President Gianni Infantino warned that the future of the Confederations Cup is being evaluated to transform it into a Super Club World Cup to be held every two years.

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For the head of the governing body of international football, the fact that world powers care little about the tournament, leads to consider SEO EBL disappearing it by not having a place in the increasingly congested football calendar.The tournament was adopted by FIFA in 1997, previously known as the King Fahd Cup, it has failed to arouse the interest of fans, teams, which most of the time participate with alternative teams, venues for which it does not meet with its function of being a simulation of the World Cup.As a brand, the Confederations Cup does not have a weight within the great events of soccer, its possible transformation to an expanded club event could have a better exposure, although the calendar will be an indispensable factor for the success or failure of the tournament.

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