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The Future of Advertising Is One of More Creativity and More Diversity

It may be that for decades they were maintaining certain guidelines of how ads should be and what advertising should appeal. Even so, the advertising industry has always been characterized by being able to adapt to changes and by being itself a space of constant novelty. After all, they must keep up with society and its adjustments, but they must also create a certain illusion that there are always new things on the market and that companies are constantly offering “the latest.”

What we have been in the 21st Portugal Phone Number List century has been characterized by many, many changes. There have been social changes, marked by the coming of age of millennials and Gen Z with their perceptions and characteristics, but also adjustments marked by the boom in technology and what changes in everything that is done.Advertising Portugal Phone Number List has changed a lot as a result of what technology – and especially the internet – can do and offer. There is the boom of programmatic advertising, of the war between algorithms and creativity or of maximum personalization. The future will bring even more changes, with the development of artificial intelligence or the boom in augmented reality, which will imply new readjustments in the agenda and in how things are done.

But what will the ads of the future look like, and how will the advertising industry work? That is what an analysis by AdWeek asks , in which some master lines of what tomorrow will be like are launched. The projections collected by AdWeek come from Keith Reinhard, the president emeritus of the DDB agency.What the expert points out is that, as the main conclusion that must be taken into account, is that advertising is going to change. It will do it on your channels even in your form. But what will not change is its substance: Ads will continue to function as a way to connect consumers with brands and to drive links.

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In advertising work, more creativity will be needed. The analysis indicates that a resurgence of creativity is needed, for which, they point out, it will be necessary to recover the work in person.Similarly, the advertising industry must become more diverse in who works in this field and who is behind the campaigns. It must also be adjusted in terms of gender equality. Advertisers must be representative of the society they want to reach, the analysis indicates. This is the only way to improve the final result.

In fact, the columnist himself insists that he wishes the industry would abandon its ageism , its obsession with youth and that certain perception that professionals cease to be valid when they reach a certain age.This should also be read in terms of “human needs”. Brands will be increasingly pushed to make their agenda clear, something that will be more crucial for consumers but also for workers in the advertising industry.Another point that the analysis makes is that the creative and media functions should not have been separated. The industry will once again bet on joint work, because it will be the key to recovering creativity.

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